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Did anybody else find any interesting easter eggs in this game? Here‘s some of the stuff I found:

- There is no Chapter 5 in the game. The chapter selection list goes straight from Chapter 4 to Chapter 6. This might be a hint as to the content of the upcoming free expansion that Krillbite have announced.

- Mommy apparently did some redecorating after she sent you to bed. The location and design of various items change from one chapter to the next. (see Attachment 1)

- If you want to know what the unintelligible texts in the game actually say, feel free to use my very own Among the Sleep language decoder! (see Attachment 2) If you want to spoil the fun for yourself, have a look at my translations in this picture. (see Attachment 3)

- Either the game takes place in September of 1986, or Mommy has a thing for retro calendars. (see Attachment 4)

- While your father does not appear as an NPC in the game, it would appear that there are at least two pictures of him to be found around your home. (see Attachment 5)

- Open the console and type „hell“ (without the quotation marks). Press Enter.
Nice the ninja baby. +1
very nice work on the alphabet, i loved the refrigerator note to self lol. I am not positive but there is a small duel picture frame in a closet near the end of the game, i think it shows both mom and dad in it.

all in all a superb story telling game