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I’m using the latest version of Rebirth provided by I was making my way through the forttress when my PC just restarted out of no where. Windows 10 1909. I checked event viewer and if I’m right it was windows defending requesting an immediate restart.

After starting back up, the GoG launcher said it couldn’t sync my cloud saves but eventually I was able to get back in to Rebirth... how ever within moments of being back in the Fortress it crashed with the windows “This app is not responding...”
So, I force the app to close, and then went back into it. Same thing, would let me play for about a minute then crash. And this keeps happening now. Sometimes I can walk around the fortress for minutes, other times it’ll crash immediately.

I’m using the GoG launcher and it has he option to repair and check files which I did. The game loads perfectly fine, it’s just within a random short period of time it’ll crash now.

Any suggestions? Thanks