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Hey, I'm highly enjoying the game and I otherwise would not be pointing out minor issues but I'm in absolute love with the Arcane Expanse and I want it to possibly be perfect in every way, so I figure it can't hurt if I make a post here.

During Hexed Passage after dealing with the Crysharks I encountered these Acrobats in water unable to attack me in any way, even while playing out their attack animations.

And unrelated to the bug but to the world, I've also found the Alpha Battlemages to be too easy to defeat with their very long casting time, so far every enemy has felt very well balanced but these guys seem like a joke compared to their counterparts and their threatining visual and audio design.

That's all, like the title says MINOR issue which can be ignored, it just bugged me because everything else about this World is amazing to me. It's basically defined what a mages realm would look like.
Post edited January 01, 2020 by Zimzelen