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Can't make sense of it. What am I supposed to be doing or where do I go? lol
What problem have you with that exactly?
primosinmas: What problem have you with that exactly?
From memory, I started the game ran towards some area to a jump. Made it across then went down into another area & teleported. Then didn't know where I was? Completely lost & confused. Doom for example you start in a room then work your way through it. This game seems to be absolutely weird with no structure like the devs were on LSD lol
OK so I think the confusion is that I choose portals to different levels & I was thinking that the area I started in was the level. After killing my first boss, I'm now in some new area & stuck. I can't jump high enough to reach the next part of the level & I see no switches anywhere. I've looked all over, walked up to walls to see if there's a pressure switch, shot lights. The design is yellow & blue squares/diamond shapes. Maybe I'll see if I can try another area if not I'll check a walk through if there's one available as this level is too confusing.
imo its not too confusing enough if anything
kuato: imo its not too confusing enough if anything
Well I'd prefer to keep the fast paced action & flow rather than having a brick wall thrown up preventing progress & making the game more frustrating than enjoyable. I wouldn't really say this is an exploration game where you need to search for clues to solve some puzzles, that would be more a slow & boring point & click game although it is starting to seem like one to me lol I don't see the point in blocking the player's progression when there's so many other games to play. It becomes more just a waste of time than fun. This might have worked well for nerds playing games made 2-3 decades ago to make it seem as if the game is much longer, but that's where both should stay lol It doesn't show much innovation or improvement over old ideas & methods.
Well, it sounds like this is not the game for you. It is ok to not like it.