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Again, I'm a bit let down that GOG doesn't sell the graphically best version of a game. I own a DVD version of Amerzone. I haven't been able to run it since it seems to require hardware Mpeg2-support, but playing the movie files in a separate player shows drastically improved graphics. Really a night and day difference. Tried to convert the mpeg2 files of the DVD version to uncompressed smacker files and replace the original ugly smacker movies in the CD/GOG versions but the game refused to play them... But surely the GOG team should be able to make something like that work.

The recently released Mac version of Amerzone, also published by Anuman, has the DVD-quality movies, but unfortunately they have made some changes to the gameplay that I did not really like. Some puzzles are watered down and there is an "always on" hotspot highlighter that makes an already quite easy game too easy. Felt much too lightweight and too far from the original experience.
Sounds like similar issue Tex Murphy Overseer DVD version has. It's pretty difficult to get the game running in moderd OS's thanks to archaic DVD driver system the game used and even if you do manage to get it running, the game will crash on a very specific point, making it impossible to play through.
I played MAC version. They removed some of animations, hotspots and events. Maybe it is good idea to make a new topic to warn MAC users. The game mechanics have been changed - in this case, it means that the game has been simplified making it too easy.
The game graphics are slightly shaking ?