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Just to let those of you who got this game during the insomnia sale know: I bought this game a couple of months ago and when I tried to uninstall it, it would not properly uninstall. Instead it created all sorts of temp folders on my system drive, several gigabytes of them, without any sign of slowing down. Unfortunately, the only way to "properly" uninstall whe game without this glitch happening seems to be to wipe the game completely from your system, savegames and all. To the best of my knowledge, no updated version of the game has been released since I contacted support about this issue,

Just wanted to let you know before you put an enormous amount of effort into savegames which would have to be wiped when uninstalling the game.

edit: Just checked my game card. Apparently there has been a "silent" update, since a newer version of the game is now available. So I guess this shouldn't be an issue anymore.
Post edited May 13, 2014 by fronzelneekburm
I appreciate the warning, and hope the update fixed it. Thank you.