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I cannot play the game as it opens into a tiny vertical window in the top left corner of my screen, the rest of the screen is black. Have tried various compatibility options to no avail. Attached is a screenshot, please help.
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Exactly the same problem here, it first appeared after i got a new Graphic Board.
It semms that all the window is compressed in this tiny area, because if you look closely you can see the curser moving in this field.
Would be nice if someone has an idea on this.

I had a talk with the Tech - Support and he solved the Problem.
You have to disable the DSR - Factors in the NVIDIA Controls.
To do so you have to go to the 3D Settings and disable every DSR- Factor which is enabled.
Then it should change from e.g. 2.00x to OFF.
Now the game works fine.
But don't forget to enable it again if you want to use it in a different Game.

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