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How the hell are you supposed to last 15 minutes against a non-stop slaughter of the Aztecs with no possible reinforcements, nothing more than the weakest fort available, limited military and no time whatsoever to build an army? The only unit you can create are peasants and they can't even put fires out nor repair the Fort fast enough and they take an eternity to build a "defense tower". They also die pretty easily while garrisoned and around minute 10 the fort gets surrounded by 200-300 furious aztecs. This is MADNESS. Not even the Protoss got rekt that hard by the Zerg.
Difficulty you're playing on?

Start building in the town block houses on the edge of it looking to the fort, the fort won't hold for too long but it will give you time to set the defenses in town, build more buildings and fill them with civilians and they'll shoot the crap out of incoming natives, that's how I held my ground in my second try, just make sure the fort holds long enough for you to set defenses by the town.

Espero te sea de ayuda, mandame un PM cualquier cosa, saludos!
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