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have a mouse problem in American Conquest any suggestions? game installed ok
but can't select any options like single player etc. i get tp options screen and mouse is inoperable. i have tried compatibility changes no impact. or is this game not compatible with an integrated graphics card? i have the intel HD 3000 for graphics with a wireless mouse.
I had the same problem. As a total botch, I downloaded a nocd crack and used that to launch the game. Now it works fine.
i set the default display resolution to 1024 by 768 and AC worked

someone else posted that this game needs a manual and yes it does.
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Thanks no-cd crack worked after many trial and errors in windows 7 with intel integrated graphics
Where do you download this no-cd patch? I downloaded one no-cd crack and now the mouse works but the colors are all in a distorted neon..... I don't have any torrent download software by the way either; and the display resolution change did not help me; right before the game launches, an information box pops up in the bottom right of the screen saying the windows color scheme may not be compatible so it's reverting to windows 7 basic.. if that makes any difference;

Any help resolving this mouse problem would greatly be appreciated, thanks!!!
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Same problem here, tried changing screen resolution but no dice. Looking around the web, it isn't looking promising.
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Feh! Tried no-cd crack and got a c++ error.