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I have a starting cultivator with a high social (100) but talking to people I can't get there appreciation above 40.

I have tried talking in discussion on their favoureds but that doesn't do anything. I have been talking to other characters in their village, on their villagers favoureds but the say I don't know this person.

So my question is how does one play the talking game. I think i miss something basic here.
It seems I was really very unlucky the first time. I had threevilliges, were the villigers din't wanted to talk about one other.

what should happen is when you chat with some one they shoul drop names of other villigers. select that villiger then in discuss and select the things they do and don't like. some times they only want not to talk about these things but about there secrits.

there is a lot of hit and miss here
Yeah, I have this over on steam. The talking minigame is terrible. I have several Tier 1 Gold Core accolytes, which in itself is a feat. But getting any info out of people? I found it was easier to take the assassination jobs for the other sects and interrogate the dying person for random info about each person in charge of a sect till they die.

Hope someone can make a mod that makes the talking part easier. This is just silly.
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Golden core does not ensure silver tongue.

If you don't want to develop relationships in a sensible, conventional manner - bribe them.
1 worn shirt is worth 1 point. Occasionally more.
And worn shirts are available in abundnance.
So no problem unless you bumped onto That Goddamn NPC Which Dislikes Worn Shirts.

Even then, other items are fine too. Just make sure that your negotiator wears/carries exactly the thing you're about to give away.
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