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As I replay the game every few years (I love it that much), I am very aware of a bug that happens on modern (heh) machines: whenever you come back to the village (edit: quite in the beginning of the game, after fighting a bit on the left part of the island and going back for a quick trial) and have to go to the square with all your family, your character runs much faster than the rest and your people get stuck never getting to the plaza. So the trigger is never, er, triggered, and the game freezes.

The solution is to lower the dosbox cycles quite a lot. Well, the solution would be to save before returning, lowering the cycles (Control+F11) until you see that the character walks quite slower, see that everyone is following you correctly, and once they are in the plaza, return the dosbox cycles to normal (control+F12).
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Cool! Thanks for letting us know!
Is it supposed to happen after you return to town after delivering back the message to the mermaid?
It was supossedly fixed in a patch 1.1 that I have discovered in patches scrolls

This is the readme:

Al-Qadim "The Genie's Curse"
version 1.1

The following major bug fixes for the game are as follows:

1. In the town, when the Caliph is rescued, the hero could get stuck on
the lady in green if the qadi walked too fast. The Qad's speed is now
regulated, and the hero will not get stuck.

2. Some users experienced a crash during copy protection. The game will
not crash when copy protection is called for.

3. The game would hang when potions have been drunk. This and bug two
occured due to a sound file being opened, but not closed. This
problem is now fixed.

4. When fighting water elementals on the ship, during and after the fight,
the hero could leave the ship via the row boat. This caused various
problems. The hero can no longer leave the ship until combat is over
and the captain has been spoken to.

So, what version is GOG? Maybe the patch is not essential in dosbox? and the other languages? Sometimes when the english version is patched the other languages did not, because it didnt exist or because it is lost or so.
In any case, Does anybody know if the patch is compatible with non english versions?