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Hi adventurers!

Just started the game and I´m curious if there is any possibility to heal yourself other than healing potion. Is there? Thanks a lot!
Later in the game you acquire a magic boat which acts a bit like your own "HQ".
In one of the sections of the boat you have access to an artifact which restores your Health completely.
Before then, once you meet the pahari (mermaid) in the Western Oasis and carry out the quest she requests of you, she will show you the healing waters in the oasis (at least, I think that's when she reveals it to you). Just walk your character over it to be completely healed. Healing potions can be in short supply early in the game due to your limited cash flow.

What the previous poster said is correct, once you acquire the ship. Just be aware, however, that you will always need healing potions in this game. They become easier to afford as the game goes on.