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Here's some random trivia for you peoples here. The version of AitD3 included here is different from the one I remember from my past. Gameplay wise it's the exact same, but many of the voices have been re-recorded (and done much more cheesy than the original) and the ending song during the credits is different, 90% of the lyrics are different. Still a great game, don't get me wrong, just seems weird that a lot was changed in the voice department.

Edit: I want to be clear however that I've known of these changes since before the GOG version, my theory is one is the DOS version and the other is the Win95 re-release, although I'm not sure which is the one I remember.
Post edited April 24, 2011 by Revenile
Yeah, I felt like asking for refund just because they doesn't have this song in the sound track :-)

(there is spoiler. go for the ending)