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I have the 3DO version of this game, but my 3DO no longer works. I was about to buy another 3DO and then I saw this version. I remember playing it on my old 486 many years ago, but don't remember how it compares with the 3DO version. I do remember that running seemed easier on the console. Is the version offered here as good as the 3DO version?
ahhh the 3DO or £D) if you held shift down in the wrong places and pressed the zero instead of the o... I was an early adopter of this console, so muh promise, so little delivered. There were only a couple of decent releases, one of those was the awesome "Killing time", a horror/shooter based in the 1930's. Amazing atmosphere.
In the case of that game, I remember the 3DO version being vastly superior graphically to the PC version, especially during the cut scenes.

Regards AITD on 3DO, I remember it being very slow and very clunky. Big Time. So if this is represenative of the PC version I'm afraid I won't be going near it.
It is however, good to see some real old school stuff being released.
By looking at the following youtube video I notice that some of the polygonal objects have (very simple and primitive) textures in the 3DO version, something the AitD engine on the PC could not do, and the inventory screen is drawn over the game with transparency:

But the visual differences are minor, in my opinion. Gameplay, backgrounds and music seem to be exactly the same.

Edit: After looking again, those are not textures, some models (like the interior of the chest, or the legs of the zombies) are simply redone with more polygons or use a different color which is why they look different.

Edit2: The Playstation version of Alone in the Dark 2 hat texture mapped models (completely redone from what it looks like):
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If there is a difference they are very few and very minor. Besides, if you cant play because your 3do is dead then paying 6 bucks for all 3 games is a no brainer if your wanting to play them again. Either buy the trilogy off gog or get on ebay and buy a new 3do. (that wasnt meant to sound as assholish as it could come across by the way)