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The following patch will replace only the English voice files (`.VOC) inside the file GAME.GOG.

The patch was built with the program XDELTA.

The French voices were extracted from my retail copy (Éditions Vents D'Ouest).


1. Download patch -

xdelta3.exe - program to create/apply the patch
DELTA_file - delta file with the patching data
fr_patch.bat - batch file to apply the patch to GAME.GOG

2. Extract the files to your game installation folder (ex: GOG\Alone in the Dark)

Make sure you extract the files to the folder where "GAME.GOG" is located.

3. Run "fr_patch.bat" and wait for the patching to finish.

You will see a new file was created with the name "GAME.GOG_fr". This is a binary copy of the original file but with the French voice files (*.voc).

4. Backup/rename the original "GAME.GOG" file.

5. Rename the new file ""GAME.GOG_fr" to "GAME.GOG"

6. Launch the game as usual.

Note: You may experience some popping noises when listening the French voices. I think this has to do with the way the files were encoded. Maybe there is a solution within the Dosbox settings to solve this issue, but I don't know it.