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Hi de hi, all!

I used to play AvP Gold way back when, and probably logged hundreds of hours just dicking about in the single-player campaign. As you can imagine, I was all over the opportunity to play this fantastic gem of a game from my childhood, all for the princely sum of no pounds and no pence.

However, things are not quite how I remember. I have noticed a couple of minor graphical bugs in the game, both of which are somewhat functionality related.

First, the auras surrounding NPC's in the Alien's view aren't displaying correctly. They seem to change colour based on what the NPC is doing, with the pattern I've discerned being the following: red for idle, blue for attacking/alert/alarmed, green for panicking, which is not what they should be doing. The aura colours are to identify the three species, not for alert states, so they should be a constant colour, i.e. Human = Blue, Alien = Red, Predator = Green.

Second, blood spatter does not spread out like it should. When killing an NPC, the blood generators spawn as they should, and spatter hits surfaces properly, but what hits the surface doesn't then spread out in a pool... until I started taking screenshots. Each time I took a screenshot of the issue, the pools would get a little bit bigger, indicating the code to do it is firing, but for whatever reason, the game isn't displaying it until forced to refresh in some way. This seems to affect all species.

Various example pictures attached. I realise that screenshots of an animation error (re: the blood pooling) isn't exactly the best thing, so if anyone has any better ideas, lay them on me. Screenshots taken with Razer GameBooster, in case that's relevant.

Tech specs:

Win7 SP1 64-Bit
Quad-core i5-4440 3.1Ghz
GeForce GTX 760 w/ 2Gbs VRAM
16Gbs RAM
Drivers are up to date.

Any further details needed, just ping me. Marking as a question in case anyone knows of a solution.

Now, back to maiming and killing...
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Several similar inconsistencies have been reported. Rebellion did a few changes to the original code, removed a few things and probably fixed a few errors or got rid of outdated stuff. The result is AvP Classic 2000 and is not 100% identical to AvP Gold.

Hopefully Rebellion has some of this feedback and intends to implement a fix. They sell the game, there's player interest so hopefully they'll do it. But it will probably not be done anytime soon if ever.
SleepyChef is right. The human aura problem is well known and consistent with the Steam release of AVP Classic 2000. The glitch only happens with marines/civilians in the alien's single-player mode. It's a little annoying, but I think well worth the ability to play this game on modern systems. I've tried many times to figure out the colour coding, but I don't think there is one. Green is definitely for panicking, but I've seen NPCs idle in both red and blue auras as well as attacking in both red and blue auras. So I don't know. Since you're correct that the auras were always blue in AVP99 and Gold, I have no idea why the auras would now do something even remotely close to depicting states of alertness.

The second problem with the pooling blood isn't one I can say I've noticed before. Because I can't really tell what you mean, it might be best if you recorded the problem. If you're asking for recommendations for recording software, you can record up to 30 seconds (might be 60?) with a free trial of Fraps. Bandicam I think also has a free trial that lets you record short videos. I would also recommend Hypercam because I know it's free, but I'm not sure if it will actually record AVP Classic. I know Fraps will. I personally use Dxtory but I had to pay for it.
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I actually have Dxtory myself, but due to not having enough rep on the forums here, I can't upload a vid to YouTube and link it here. Which is disappointing. I thought we left behind archaic forum rules like that in 2004.

Anyway, further to my initial report, the best way I can describe it is that the bloodspatter doesn't animate when it hits a surface. However, I discovered whilst playing last night that if you crouch, or get set on fire, the pooling animation fires off as it should, but doesn't when you're stood up. Try it yourself next time you play, preferably in a brightly lit area. Just kill someone and look at the blood, it'll stay as tiny little spots on the floor. Crouch, and it'll start pooling as it should, it's the damndest thing. O_o
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Idsertian: I actually have Dxtory myself, but due to not having enough rep on the forums here, I can't upload a vid to YouTube and link it here. Which is disappointing. I thought we left behind archaic forum rules like that in 2004.
I was disappointed, too. I believe you can link videos once you have 10 posts. Or you could always fudge the system (youtube(dot)com(slash) etc etc.)