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When I downloaded the file it was flagged and blocked by Norton File Insight. Reputation wasn´t confirmed. maybe because it´s too new. Did it happen to anyone?


Un-install Norton and use Avg or Avast --- go to any windows forum and ask people about Norton.
If you donwloaded the installer from your GOG library it should be completely safe. AV software can flag files by mistake. Not a lot of people have reported malware so it's safe to assume the file is safe.
Norton thought the official Half-Life SDK downloaded directly from Valve via Steam was a virus. Norton doesn't make a lot of mistakes for me, but it has its occasional tin-foil-hat moments.
Guys, I´ve installed the game, besides Norton´s warning and it run greatly and I´ve scanned the directory and came with zero bugs. False positive. Thank you all =D
reacher30: Norton´s warning... False positive
Were you expecting otherwise? Norton is Norton...
Norton Insight is just saying the files reputation was unknown because not many people have not used it. It didn't say it was a virus or threat and I'm sure it allowed installation.