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Crazydaisy's son here...
Apparently the predator enemies and the predaliens are rather buggy compared to other enemies. They often wander around more as opposed to actually trying to kill you and get stuck in walls more than other enemies. This makes them easy to kill. Don't get me wrong, the regular aliens (drone/warrior) and praetorians get stuck sometimes too, especially in certain areas, but they usually get unstuck fairly quickly. The predator AI is also terrible for some reason...I don't remember them being so stupid and easy to kill compared to other enemies back in the day.

I thought Rebellion released a patch way back when that fixed the worst AI issues? Does the GOG version have those issues?

My solution post for the queen didn't help this problem or the predalien glitch in Predator Episode 3 Vaults that I made a seperate post about.

Any fixes for these would be appreciated, as it is disappointing to see these enemies not be the challenge they should be.
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