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1. Was wondering if EAX was supported for this version? I read that the original and gold supported it back in the day. I don't see it available in the options panel though. Ordered a Xonar DG soundcard a few days ago, but it hasn't arrived yet. Until then I won't be able tell myself whether its working or not.

2. Will this game support dedicated servers?

3. How do you rotate/randomize maps each round as host?
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About EAX on Windows Vista and later:
Steam version does. I have a Xonar DSX card, which has the "EAX emulator" GX 2.5 function. With that I can make the game fully surround 5.1 mayhem. I will check GOG version too!
AvP1 never had and likely never will have dedicated server support. The only way to change maps is to quit the server and start a new one. No map rotations or anything like that was ever implemented.