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This is actually a question for AvP2, but there's nowhere else to ask it. I'm trying to use cheat codes, and every website says to press the Enter key and then type them. I tried that, and pressing the Enter key just showed my objectives... so I changed the controls and then tried to press the Enter key, but nothing happened. So what gives?
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Never mind. I figured out that evidently ALL of the websites that mentioned cheating for this game say to press the "Enter" key, rather than saying what action to do, and stupidly failing to take into account the fact that people can change their controls from the defaults. I finally figured out that I have to use the "Say" or "Talk" command, which I had unbound because I didn't think I'd need it, since I don't play it online.
What are the cheats for God mode?
Kinkoyaburi: What are the cheats for God mode?