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As a server host, I wonder if there is a way to change map without restarting server (and lose every players in it).
As a player, Do you know a solution to change species during a game ?

Thank you for your help !
This question / problem has been solved by Grzegorz925image
Sorry to say, but it is not possible to change species without leaving the game and coming back, and it is also not possible to change the map without restarting the server. However, if you do decide to leave the game as host and start a new game, unless people leave manually, they can still play in that match as long as they wish as the game uses host migration.
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As Grzegorz said, host can't stop the match only start it because once host leaves another player will become host. The new host will "inherit" the match and the settings. The only way a match truly ends is when the last player leaves.
Thank you for this information. I was alfraid to end hosting, because I didn't want to force player to leave, but if another hosts, it' ok.