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System crashed on start/play. October 21, 2014. Using Windows 8 Pro 64bit, Intel C2Q Q6600, 8Gb, GTX 275.

I just installed AVP Classic 2000, then restarted the computer. I then launched GOG Launcher It updated then was ready to play. I pressed "PLAY" and all I got was no sound, a black screen and couldn't do anything else. Ctrl+Alt+Del wouldn't work, Windows key, Ctrl+Escape, Alt+F4, etc. either.

Had to hard reset the PC to get Windows back.
Gonna give it another try.


EDIT: I'm back. It's not a system crash. Problem is the game takes full priority, even if a Firewall prompt shows up... Which was the case and I couldn't grant permission for the game. After many trials and errors, I finally managed to give access to all the necessary files and applications for AVP and GOG Galaxy. (I use Comodo Firewall). It's the first time a game doesn't alt-tab when Firewall waits for my consent.

Multiplayer works fine, but if I check the available servers, back out and try to check the hosted session again, it won't find them.

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