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This is for all those that still have AvP2 and are still interested. In case no one has heard about it yet and hadn't realized it. The Master Server Patch for Master Server Patch for Aliens vs. Predator 2 had been updated

This had been announced 10 days ago on AvPGalaxy:

"Alien vs. Predator Galaxy was founded back in 2002 as a resource for Sierra and Monolith’s Aliens vs. Predator so it’s a game that holds a soft spot for those of us that run this website. Unfortunately, the official multiplayer servers were taken offline some years back but thanks to the effort of a modder known as TBBC, AvP2’s multiplayer was resurrected via the Master Server Patch!

After shifting around ownership for a few years, the Master Server Patch is now back in the hands of it’s original creator and his new team, and they’ve launched an updated version of the MSP and a new retro looking website for the patch!

So if any of you are still interested, please click this link to see it for yourself:

Any questions not answered by the FAQ provided ( ), is best asked at their forums located here:
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