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I believe many friends have come to realize that Alien Shooter 1 + Expansion Pack is somehow problematic : it is poorly optimized for newer system (such as Windows 7/8/10) and we might keep getting crashing while playing with it.

However, after a long time of searching and trying (and failing) , I have come up with some useful infomation on how we can evade (or at least reduce the chance of ) getting crashed. In this topic I will discuss several frequently encountered problem, give out the specific condition at which they would occur, and (try to) give out some solution to (try to) evade them. Here we go.

1. Level 1 Crashing

Description: When playing Alien Shooter 1 ORIGINAL campaign Level 1, the game would crash when the player tries to
move his/her character near the breach on the fences located on the right-hand side of the map, located on the right-hand side of the map.

Solution: There're two possible solution for this problem.

a. Jump pass level 1 using cheat code. When playing level 1, do nothing and directly type CHEATW to directly win the level and move to level 2.

b. Pass the level on windowed mode. To run the game in windowed mode, you need to:

(1) Change AlienShooter.cfg, change "DefaultFullScreenMode" from 1 to 0.

(2) Run Windows Regedit, find the regpath "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\SigmaTeam\AlienShooter"

(3) Find item "FullScreen", change its value from 1 to 0.

Normally this would allow you to complete the level without crashing. You can reverse these steps to go back to full-screen mode at any time.

2. Reborn Crashing

Description: Under some circumstances some players (not everyone) might find that when their characters "die" in the game, the game would crash when the characters try to reborn.

Solution: Running game in windowed mode seems to fix the problem. Further test needed and any feedback is welcomed. To run the game in windowed mode, see the instructions above.

3. Medikit Crashing

Description: If the player owns the item Medikit (which is supposed to automatically heal player's character), when the player's character's HP drops to zero, instead of using the Medikit, the game would crash.

Solution: Sadly there's no real solution for this. All I can suggest is try not let the character die, and never buy or pickup a medikit.

4. Errorneous Display Problem

Description: When using some specific display configuration (resolution, color depth, etc), some players might get errorneous in-game display including strange color, misplaced text, missing button, etc.

Solution: It is highly recommended to run the game at 800x600x32bpp mode when first start the game, especially for those who use a windows 8 or 10 system. It seems that on Windows 10 system, any display configuration using a 16 bpp color depth would cause this problem.

Thank you for viewing the topic, and I hope this might be helpful.

Post edited September 15, 2018 by ai_beyondcontrol