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Changelog for Patch / GOG-3 (Windows) (added 04 November 2016):

** updated to v. **

- Added the option to change the HMD scaling (supersampling) on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Now you have the choice between 0.80x and 3.00x. Option can be found in Misc. section.
- Graphics settings are now being saved properly.
- Language settings and other settings are now also being saved properly.
- Added the option to turn off strafing and backwards movement.
- Added the option to make 90 degrees turns on gamepads and HTC Vive controllers.
- Added the option to turn screen mirroring on and off on Oculus and Vive.
- Some on-screen text and controller description fixes.
- Fixed an issue during the encounter with the Hatter.
- Polish audio is no longer being selected automatically.
- Tutorial messages are now turned on by default.
- Fixed an issue causing some voices to not play correctly.
- Now pausing the game during voice playback works as intended.
- Tweaked how the game is being saved.
- Fixed the occasional issue with computer screens in the first level of the game.
- Fixed the collision issues in the City level.
- Fixed the occasional bug when going out of the buggy could place you under the ground.
- Fixed the issues with strafing in HMD.
- Fixed the occasional issue during the hallucination right after the greenhouse.
- Fixed the occasional issue with saving the game on the desert (right after the planetarium).
- Fixed the issue in the planetarium puzzle, which allowed gamers to acquire infinite amount of graphene.
- Sound tweaks in the City level.
- Sound tweaks in the second City level.
- Fixed the issue in the greenhouse, which kept the door opened all the time.
- Gameplay tweaks during the hallucination on the desert.
high rated
Changelog for Update / GOG-4 (Windows) (added 13 December 2016):

** updated to v. **

Phew, it took longer than we thought but we’re finally here!
Another patch comes, as promised, and it should fix many of the issues you guys were having recently. We’re vigilant and we’re looking into all of the problems you’re reporting. We know that at the end of the day you just want to play a cool game without any hassle, so we’re truly thankful for all of your feedback. Thank you!
Ok, now enough of this jibba jabba and let’s get to what’s new:

- Added a teleport system to the game. It’s entirely optional and you can find it, unsurprisingly, in the options menu. It’s the point-to-click sort where you freely choose the location you want to go (instead of moving to a predetermined zone). It works with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive;
- Fixed the OSVR support for the newest HMD, just choose one of the HDK2 compatibility modes while starting the application. There’s one caveat though - HMD scaling (supersampling) is currently unavailable on OSVR;
- Broader support for unsupported devices. Now the game launcher will be giving you six choices instead of the usual three. If you happen to have an HMD that is not of the Oculus-Vive-OSVR variety, you can now choose one of the new compatibility modes and (fingers crossed) everything will be working. No guarantees but we believe in many cases that should do the trick;
- Fixed the issues with game saves. We’ve tested it extensively to find the cause of the problem and the saves you’ve provided were of huge help to us. Now both saving and loading works as intended;
- Changed the locations of several checkpoints, so no Alice will be trapped in a no-win scenario ever again;
- Snap turning on HTC Vive will no longer cause you to move backwards, so now everyone can follow Pop’s mantra: “Never backwards, always forward”;
- Fixed all discovered causes of players getting out of bounds, because in the game of croquet everyone needs to stay in the play area;
- Now on HTC Vive you can use both motion controllers and a gamepad, so even if your HTC Vive is the off-brand type, you can still play Alice VR;
- The camera position on HTC Vive has been brought in line with its position on Oculus Rift. Yeah, it’s a weird thing to mention in patch notes, I know;
- Fixed achievements (On Foot, Grown a Conscience, Greedy, Carbon Footprint, Mommy?). Now the system works faster, is shinier, and in case it bugged out on you the first time, you’ll be able to get the missing achievements on your second go-round;
- Fixed collision issues, especially on ramps. Ramps are tricky;
- Enhanced lighting effects in the City.

Thank you for playing Alice VR!