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Hello people, i just lived it and honestly i'm too angry to give it a go again right now so heres my warning about that game breaking particularity that can happen regarding the final section of Khamulon.

(on same note i believe Eye of Kamulos from the sword and Wrath of the Goddess could do the same problem)

Otherwise the boss will fade and you will get NOTHING from the fight, preventing you from looting the knowledge, thus locking your game.
Interesting, I always assumed that key items could not be destroyed, but I never dared to push my luck.

You can still fix your game, by using cheats. To do so enter the options screen from the main menu and type in SCHNOSM. The screen should flash white. Now load your save and hit ALT+F7. You are now in the shortcut room. One of the chests in this room contains the knowledge. Then use one of the door to exit the room.
Man, that sucks so bad. Thanks for the heads up though, I'm just playing the game for my first time so this is useful for me.