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So this has been eating me about Albion for decades - how the fuck do you get into some of the secret rooms in the Umajo dungeon!?

(see first attachment)
The two bottom right rooms here.

(2nd attachment)
The one on top (in the middle) and the one on the right (near bottom, has door but can't be opened).

Anyone ever got into those or are they just bugged?

map_244.png (76 Kb)
map_246.png (60 Kb)
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The door can be opened only from inside, and to get there, you have to use the levers (each time one lever moves/opens door in the middle), when done right you can enter secret passage (is not really shown on map, as it is invisible "door" = wall. Just for one combination this wall goes incorporeal and you can just walk through it.)
On the map (first attachment) you can see that room south-east, with a monster inside, without doors.
Use the flares/lever right and bump into the walls (not the glass walls, it has to be real wall, well, it should look like stone wall anyway)
I got there eventually but I was already so confused by the triads of attempts, that I totally lost track of "what exactly was done before I could enter"
When already inside, kill the monster, check the treasure (I think that only one is really having a reward) and the "fall down". now you will be in the "locked" room of the second screenshot - the door will open for you just fine (it opens without problem from inside) and you are back in that dungeon.

Tried to reproduce it... no avail so far. My best guess is that it may be connected with the secret doors on the lower level with the sign "If you want go through the doors, you will go through the doors", but I remember that I entered the secret room on the higher level, so logically it still does not fit.
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Want to bump this because I've been banging my head on the walls for hours (literally) and want to see if someone is around now four years since the last post who knows how to get in those rooms. There must be some way. I've tried every lever combination and there aren't many. Two of them will get stuck and permanently block access to most of the level, including the part with the secret room.

The only thing I didn't really try was the flames, but it would take forever to brute force solve it with having to run around the entire dungeon to rub your face on the walls for every combination. There would normally be a hint for that kind of puzzle but there is just nothing.

Up to this point in the game there were no obvious "secrets" (you can see the room through a transparent wall) that weren't easy enough to solve with a little searching. So wtf. Maybe it is bugged.