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They're the predecessors of Albion, with similar mixes of isometric and 3D first person gameplay. Amberstar has a DOS port but Ambermoon was only released on Amiga.
Oh, please do release them, I have been trying to get them to work with DosBox to no avail.
Actually it's pretty easy to get Amberstar working. Just start your DOSBOX (no config needed), mount your Amberstar Directory, like this

"mount c C:\Games\Amberstar"

(if that's the directory you installed Amberstar to) and then switch there with


Then you can simply start the game via

"AMBERSTA.EXE" (don't even need to write .EXE)

and there you go. I havn't configured anything still everything works just fine. I'm pretty sure you can change the config, so the directory gets mounted when you start the DOSBOX, so you don't have to it manually every time you start the game. Hope you have a blast.
At you can find both games (the superior Amiga-version of Amberstar) prepared with WinUAE. They work flawlessly.
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" is a full C# rewrite of Ambermoon and will run at least on Windows, Linux and Mac. Current version is 1.7.1 from July 27, 2022."