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I just want to say that this game is one of the best games i have ever played. I have played tons of games in every genre but i really think this game is special. I want to thank you remedy for this masterpiece. By the way i am a big fan of max payne 1 & 2. I am stoked to see how will be their next game (quantum break)
I was afraid to try it at first, as it is a console port so i bought it some years ago at a sale, here on gog for $5 i think.. Thankfully, it proved to be a great game with solid controls, good story and nice characters.
I tried the console version and didn't like it. They actually improved some things when porting it to PC, like the option to disable the hud which really makes the game immersive.
As a game there is not all that much to it, it is just a third person shooter, but all that art, writing and super tight gameplay makes for an quite an experience. It doesn't feel like any other game I have played. There are plenty of segments in the game that gets my adrenaline going just by being incredibly immersive and the gameplay seem perfectly timed for constant near-death experiences. Every time Alan dodges a hatchet or has to keep his flashlight on several enemies I FEEL it. Some of the tougher fights feel like brutal gauntlets, like you are truly fighting from a bad position and the only way to survive is to stay focused and time your moves perfectly.

By the final cinematic I was relieved and quite moved emotionally. I suggest anyone trying this game for the first time should go in without prejudice and without analysis. Just experience Alan's story without comparing it to other games or movies. It will be something different.
Don't forget about the two extra chapters.
Alexrd: Don't forget about the two extra chapters.
That is a good point. The two extra chapters, in my view, were much stronger than the ones that preceded it. Though, as a whole, the game was pretty fun. I do not think I really appreciated it after completing it the first time; I am not sure why.
This game tries to be an "action-horror" hybrid and it succeeds in neither. The horror isn't as great as in games that actually emphasize more on horror, such as the Silent Hill games and other better survival horror games. And the action suffers from poor controls and is repetitive. Maybe Remedy just needs bigger budgets. The kind of "cinematic" action games they always try to make are expensive. The best Max Payne game was the third one, and it happens to be the only game in the series not made by Remedy. It was a terrific realization of the kind of cinematic-action storytelling that Remedy had tried to achieve but couldn't quite do it. And yes, Max Payne 3 was expensive, as it cost Rockstar $100 million to make. Well, Remedy did get a big budget for last year's "Quantum Break", but too bad it didn't sell very well.
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So far I have found it to be bland, boring and repetitive. All the areas look the same, all the characters have no personality and the writing, good god is it pretentious. It is okay, but not as good as people say it is.