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I installed the game and, after tweaking a bit the game with resolution and blur and setting it all minimum possible (I have an ATI HD 4330 512 MB).

Well, I started new game al Normal difficult, first cutscene goes nice, without problems.

Now i start near of the car (at the beginning). Good, game is playable, works well. But, when i advance a bit, and dodge twice the ghost's attacks, i have tu run through a bridge. Then, a little cinematic starts (unskippable).

The ghost says "How does it feel to die by the hands of your own creation?", and then, some kind of tornado appears behind him. After that, game freezes, but still making the sound of the tornado.

The only I can do is Ctrl+Alt+Del. for open Task Manager, and finish the game's process.

I re-downloaded and re-installed twice. Also, i downloaded it using " downloader".

It freezes exactly at the minute 4:00 of this video.

Any help? :(

Edit: I tried the Alan Wake DLCs and both work fine, without problems, no freezes.

Edit 2: Fixed. Looks like it doesn't like that I play this part al 640x480. Playing at 800x600 solved the issue.
Post edited May 10, 2012 by disgraciau