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Hi community,
I got Alan Wake from Epic Store. But the whole game is in English.
Unfortunately I can't change the language, although all language files are present (german french,english...).
Can someone upload the Launcher.exe for me of the gog version,please?
I want to play it in german.
So i can change the language,thank you.
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This was for Steam but does it not for for Epic too?

Basically add *-locale=de* (the content between the stars **) in the shortcut.
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It doesn't work -.-
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Remedy gave a response about this on their Twitter page - they're aware of the issue and (supposedly) working to fix it. A look on their forum yields a response from a volunteer forum moderator mentioning that this is the fault of Epic and not Remedy so the two bits of info conflict with each other and it's hard to know who will fix it and when.

Some threads/discussions about this:

Recent thread on Alan Wake's Steam forum

Remedy forum thread with volunteer mod response

Reddit thread with people guessing/attempting to troubleshoot the problem

Another Reddit thread

And one more Reddit thread

Doesn't appear that anyone in the community has been able to solve it, so you may either have to wait until Remedy and/or Epic can resolve the problem or... play the GOG release? (I say the latter quizzically because you've posted what appears to be a direct screen of the setup, yet the point of the thread was asking for its .exe and it's confusing me on whether you have the game via GOG or not)