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I bought Alan Wakes American Nightmare and game freezes after few minutes of playing.

Identical problem like on this movie:

My PC:

Windows 7 x86
Radeon HD 4870

1. I have all updates from Windows Update.
2. My PC don't have any malware (tested with few AV software).
3. I do not have any problems with other games.
4. All my drivers (graphics card too) are up to date. I install older version of drivers and problem still exist.
5. I have June 2010 DirectX.
6. Installer passed the file integrity check.
7 I have this same problem on an account with Administrator privileges.
8. Problem still exist after restart computer and reinstall the game.
9. In different Compatibility mode settings problem still exist.

This is my Dxdiag:

Problem exist on game Alan Wake 1 too. Please help, I can't play :(
This question / problem has been solved by sbockimage
Hmm. Both Alan Wake and AN are very stressful for the GPU. Perhaps the card is too hot. Do you have overclocked the card or use a already manufacturer overclocked one? Have you got a tool to check the GPU temperature?
Problem has been solved

I tested my GPU with "Video Card Stability Test" and in stress GPU have 109 degrees Celsius (!!!) so I opened my PC and... radiator came off from power section video card! Now in stress GPU have 87 degrees Celsius. Alan Wake works perfectly Very strange that other games works, but Alan Wake freezes with 109 degrees Celsius. Alan Wake is "aka GPU benchmark" I could say that Alan Wake had saved my GPU from burning. Thank you.

Also thank you for instant willingness to help and I apologize for creating the problem. Bye, I go to play