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I've just opened my account to discover a notification that Alan Wake has been updated.
There was already an update last month or so, is there another new update now? A new patch released? It would be nice if GOG posted a changelog, or a more detailed notification o on the forum.

A froody day to all. :-)
They added a Poets of the Fall music video (War) the bonus content. Pretty good actually, feels like a part of the game.
I also have a book listed as new in the bonus. Don't know if it was there before...
Yeah, not sure what the universal update changes.
The "universal update" brought us a language chooser program.

The new update was the musicvideo only (plus the *.mp3).
Crazy_Borg: The "universal update" brought us a language chooser program.
Weird since you could already change the language through the Setup file before. Anyways, would still be awesome if GOG added stickies featuring the changelogs for all updates.