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I`d had this game a while and I`ve been criminally negligent in not giving it some praise. It deserves some. I`ve just been busy and forgot along the way... hd this game for at least a year.

I watch this game a lot in the past and have played it a few times. Those explosions certainly have the fireworks. However what I like the most is the customisation and the campaign which helps it feel like it`s the Player`s faction.

I`d love to see even more customisations maybe even creating the Player`s own avatar and how his people look. Also try to keep to the Steampunk style 18/19th century attitudes and speech type.

All this game could really use now are improvements on the campaign to make it a little more easier on the eyes (the start splash page could use some too) with more graphical improvements, AI work and perhaps some actual audio speech. I wouldn`t even mind doing a little artwork for this too as I`m a bit of a fan of Steampunk stuff.

p.s. Good music by the way.
Post edited August 16, 2018 by Socratatus