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Hey Hey,

i really like the game but atm its nearly unplayable for me:

it all starts with building my first super duper big class ship , a behemot with about 600 sailors and 108.000 gold produktion cost...since the ship was built the whole conquerormode became instabil...

it lags and crashes very often as at the global map as soon as the ship leaves the repair or building bay, the editor lgs and crashes as soon as i touch the blueprint of the ship, even without building it and the battles with that ship lag or crash completely as soon as a module explodes or anything crashes into it (the battle itself is smooth, as long as nothing of that happens)

does anyone have a similar problem or even a solution?

p.s. i dont think the comp is too weak (at least i hope so): Cpu i7-8700K, Ram 32gig GPU gtx 1080Ti
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