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Hi, got a problem with some of the text in this AoW:SM.

All of the dialog text are in english as far as I cant tell, and every clickable button in the menus as well. But quite a bit of the text are a just garbled mess, and doesn't look like any language to me. I've added a screenshot of the Norwood campaign missions objectives as an example.

Anyone got any ideas?

I've tried forcing english language through regedit, but most of the text are in english so don' thing that's the problem.
wut.jpg (460 Kb)
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Well now i feel all kinds of stupid :(
That actually did it. Thanks!
I don't understand it either. Your stupidity, I mean. You seem to speak good enough English, and you don't even live here. Perhaps you should explain. I'd really like to understand, as it is most vexing.
I have the same, but reinstal did not help. Any idea?
Uninstall and make sure all the files are gone before installing again. See that the game folder is deleted. If you have save games you wish to keep you can move them somewhere else.
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Here's an actual solution, for anyone who's interested.

The garbled text is related to high widescreen resolutions and can be fixed by decreasing the resolution.

I had this issue running the game at 2560x1440 and by decreasing the resolution to 1920x1080, the problem was fixed.

And in case anyone wastes their time following the previous advice of uninstalling the game, that does not work.
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