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That is all I know Mac & Linux is coming but dont hold your breath, after all it took 12 years
to get this far :)
Actually that;'s a big if. Developer (Elhoim/Oscar) said:
Hey guys, the thing is quite simple and has nothing to do with either Linux guys asking or not buying the game.

The guys at are working on a port. They made good progress, but it's not finished still. If they manage to complete it and it's not extremely hard to port the game, we'll definitely do it, no matter if the Linux/Mac guys buy the game beforehand or not.

Now, if you want to continue arguing, I won't restrict your free speech liberty :) [/i]

However, the game works on Linux perfectly, I've had no errors so far (once I've run the winetrick command).

It works on my machine (i5 4670K, Radeon R9 270 X, 8 GB RAM Goodram) and on Lubuntu (using GOG version for that) I only installed Wine + typed the command "winetricks d3dcompiler_43" and it worked like a charm (without that command the game would run to menu but after clicking on a new game there was an error). And FYI I'm a total Linux noob, I use Linux only to make bank transfers, that's the first Windows game I've ever installed on Linux (I've run 1 or 2 games before but never installed one - besides AoD). Another proof that AoD is better than Underrail.

And there's always an option to run the demo and check for yourself.

For more info on how to run this game check here:
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Torgue3D has been OpenSourced, as it seems:

I can't wait for a Linux version of "Age of Decadence"!
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Klumpen0815: Torgue3D has been OpenSourced, as it seems:

I can't wait for a Linux version of "Age of Decadence"!
so psyched for you!

and the rest!
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According to steam forum:

The linux and mac port are now officially not being pushed for, and will highly likely never happen.

(I like the devs took a decision and let us know... I don't like the decision itself that much, but far from surprising, I can easily understand their concerns and issues... IMO they should open source the game itself in 3-5 years, that will make it both open to communities to preserve it for later generations, and unofficial source ports possible, but for the moment I guess they decided well)

So well, time to check my wine installation and get some dust off it...