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Im in chapter four of the game after questing Cust and talking to Japp the grey cell thing comes up. When it gets to question Are there any clues that do not support Cust's guilt?
I put in the correct answer but nothing happens. the answer is He did not appear to recognize Poirot. and You would expect a murderer to keep newspaper articles about all his crimes. But Cust's collection starts in Churston, as if he heard about the case late on. After t put the two answer in nothing happens. I'm am unable to complete the game. It apears to be a glitch. How can I fix it.?
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I have the same thing... suddenly all grey cell puzzles are impossible to solve. Even when giving in the right answer! Yes, I can wait 5 mins and use a clue to go further, but that's not ok.

Even if I skip one grey cells puzzle with a clue, the next one will have the same issue.

Anyone fixed this? I already did a reinstall.