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And I am glad we had new visual novel from them recently.

I'd be glad if we had more of IF games here, preferably RPGs. Especially Fairy Fencer F and Mugen Soul. Trillion would be nice too. Dark Rose Valkyrie would also be a nice surprise. More Neptunia games are also fine, though I am not big fan of Nep personally.

If you feel the same as me, please, do post! Perhaps our voices will make it happen :)

Edit: I should have probably post it in General Discussions part of forum.
Post edited October 23, 2019 by Sarisio
Je suis un fan de neptune de disgaea de trillion et Dark Rose Valkyrie

If,compile hearts et Nis fabrique de bon RPG.

Moi aussi je veut voir plus de jeux de se genre sur gog.
Post edited December 09, 2019 by firare1