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Hello all! I'm a new member of the community that loves RPGs of all kinds (western, eastern, fantasy, sci-fi, online, offline, old, new). The Agarest series has been on my wish-list for some time now, and I'm glad to see it available on PC, especially DRM-free! However, I have one question before I buy it (that I'm quite surprised hasn't been asked before): I noticed that GOG's store-page lists Agarest 1's languages as English text and Japanese audio; I just want to be sure that there's no English voice-acting (I was always under the impression that the console versions had English voice-overs; if so, why would they remove them from the PC version?). Now, whether or not this is a problem really depends upon in what situations/circumstances the characters speak, and how often. If voice-acting occurs during key cut-scenes and/or during battle (which, judging from the reviews, there's a lot of), then it could be problematic, as I'm not a very quick reader (though I don't think I'm necessarily a slow reader, either), and I do enjoy seeing (more so hearing, preferably in English) everything a character has to say. I would be interested to know if other online retailers, especially Steam, have this same setup (English text with only Japanese voice-track), as well.

Also, on a somewhat related note, do the console versions of the Agarest games have English dub? If so, I would find it very odd that the English voice-track wouldn't have been carried over to GOG (and I would also have to play them there). This isn't the main issue, but I would be pleased if someone knew.

Thanks to everyone in advance!
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You probably found the answer elsewhere...but there's no English dub for this game anywhere.
Some games like Hyperdimension Neptunia DO offer English voice.
I think it's too pricey to dub a game like this, specially for small publishers.
Hello, Maou-san! Actually, no, I had not found my answer until I read your post just now, but I suspected there wasn't an English dub track (GOG seems good about getting accurate information for their games). That's a real shame; as I said, I have wanted to try playing the Agarest games for quite a while now, and, alas, I have an extremely limited Japanese vocabulary, though I certainly plan to expand it, even more so now (I do believe I have mastered the pronunciation, however). I have nothing against small publishers/developers (there are quite a number of Indie games on here that have piqued my interest); in fact, I love what many of them stand for: attention to detail, caring about what customers really want, great customer service/public relations. I've noticed that many of these Indie developers have created really deep, emotional, thought-provoking games, something I, myself, hope to do someday!

Anyway, thank you for your reply! I hope you have some Very Happy Holidays, if they have any this time of year in Japan!