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Anyone knows if there a way to see monster stats like in Agarest 1, 0?

According to this thread, it seems to be possible, but I am not sure what stands for "Y" button on X-Box controller on keyboard. Was it just misinformation?
So I was messing around with Agarest 2 (not sure when I'll get enough time to get through this game seriously), and looks like some monster stats can be easily found in memory by CheatEngine. Example:

Summeril {Prologue} - 99 Level, 25000 HP, 24 AP, 99 in all 6 primary stats; 1000 Atk, 400 Def, 1000 Mag, 400 Rst
Hornet - 1 Level, 222 HP, 18 AP, 9 Str, 3 Vit, 6 Int, 3 Mnd, 12 Agi, 15 Dex; 170 Atk, 38 Def, 84 Mag, 19 Rst
Skeleton - 3 Level, 653 HP, 13 AP, 15 Str, 7 Vit, 7 Int, 3 Mnd, 6 Agi, 8 Dex; 183 Atk, 47 Def, 96 Mag, 30 Rst

i am not sure where Hit and Eva are stored exactly, but I hope someone with more time will continue this research, and it is also a good data for analyzing game mechanics / damage formulas.

Edit: These stats are for Normal Mode, and they seem to be baseline stats (Easy and Hard Modes have multipliers).
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Did you use wiki already?

Ok, ignore me, I just watched it carefully and see it's way incomplete... :(
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