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Changelog for First HOTfix (25 September 2020 / added 28 September 2020):

We can't believe that only 24 hours have passed since the release! Thank each and every one of you for the warm welcome and a great feedback! We carefully read every message in the social media networks, reviews and messages in the game hub. Right now we work tirelessly on bug fixes and optimization. Please welcome the first HOTFIX that will solve most of the known issues.

- The game is not playable on large resolution monitors;
- Changed the difficulty of the first playthrough and some battles in the story campaign "Monstro";
- Mission selection screen became more convenient;
- Game performance in battles has been improved.

Thank you all who sent bug reports, your information helps us to improve the game! If you want to support us, be sure to review the game on GOG and subscribe to our social media pages.

Standalone installers updated (95 ⇒ 99): 28 September 2020.
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Second HOTfix (2 Octrober 2020)

Heroes, it's time for the second hotfix of Against The Moon! We actively read every comment and message on Steam and social networks and trying to quickly fix all the rough corners of the game. Thank you for continuing to comment, leave feedback and make videos. We really appreciate your feedback!
Changes in the second hotfix:

- More powers are now unlocked from the beginning, more Architectus elements in awards;
- The interface is now more convenient, there are additional explanations on the elements;
- Completed stages of the Luma run are nor properly displayed;
- Fixed bug in "Aetherus" unit logic;
- Fixed an error occuring after the text event.

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Changelog for Third HOTfix (16 October 2020 / added 19 October 2020):

Heroes, today we have brought you a small update with fixes for Against The Moon. We do not miss a day, receiving and processing your feedback about the game. Thank you for your constructive criticism, tips and compliments to the game. We try to make the game even better and you are a great help to us in this!

List of changes:
- Fix for the bug when loading the startup video (Black screen);
- Fixing access to certain screen resolutions on some devices;
- Hint mechanism now shows the full damage you are getting. It is no longer limited to the current health of the target.

We remind you that Against The Moon has a roadmap, which can be found on the main page of the game. Follow us on social media and be the first to know about all the news of the project:
- Twitter:
- FB:

Standalone installers updated (110 ⇒ 127): 19 October 2020.

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Standalone installers updated (127 ⇒ 128): 30 October 2020 (no changelog).
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Changelog for Halloween hotfix (30 October 2020):

Heroes, have you tried the new game mode yet? Already managed to beat all the battles or just starting your campaign against new Furos? Our team was also working hard and prepared a hotfix of the most pressing problems.

List of changes:
- Added an achievement for completing the puzzles.
- The price of opening new cards has been reduced so that players can try different battle strategies faster.
- Architectus elements award increased for the normal fights of the first map of your run.

Standalone installers updated (128 ⇒ 143): 30 October & 02 November 2020.

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Standalone installers updated (143 ⇒ 147): 13 November 2020 (no changelog).