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After playing for quite a while in Eventide Sanctuary, I decided to save my progress and quit for the night without having completely finished that part of the game. When I came back the next day, I was at the entrance to the temple again, and none of my progress had been saved. All of the doors and bridges I had unlocked were back in their starting positions, meaning that I would have to replay everything I had done the night before - which was quite a lot. I replayed part of it again, carefully saved, and exited. When I came back, once again my progress was not saved. So it appears that I must play through the entire temple in one session, with no breaks for eating or sleeping allowed. Is this a huge flaw in the design of the game, or a bug affecting my installation? I was beginning to like this game, but I will not play it if I cannot save progress and take a break when I need to.
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