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I bought this game on a whim when it came out years back. (The cover art was cool :); But I was really satisfied with the game.
The storyline for the game is really interesting and it takes you through a few twists as you play. The character you play as gets special powers that add a unique dynamic to the game play. At one point in the game I stopped using weapons and relied entirely on my powers!
The graphics are pleasing, even though they weren't the best at its release. Cinematic graphics are highly impressive and the voice acting is really well done. The musical score for the game is incredible. So many of the songs are highly emotional and lend itself to the current scene incredibly well. I teared up a few times playing because of the music and the scene that was going on.
Many people never knew about this game which is really unfortunate. There was a planned trilogy that we'll never see anymore. Like many games first impressions really help sell the game. I just don't think people gave it enough of a chance because the beginning of the game throws you into the action within 10 minutes.
If I didn't already own the game I would definitely buy it off of GoG. (Well, I may still do it for the free extras).