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Advent Rising, though not rated by nivida for 3d vision, seems to actually work rather nicely in stereoscopic 3D. One problem, though;
The 2D crosshair.

How do I turn this thing off?

I have googled it, found nothing. I've checked the Mydefault.ini and MyDefUser.ini but neither of them contained anything about crosshairs.
Have I missed something, or is Advent Rising simply one of those titles that haven't got an option for disabling crosshair?

Update: I checked the default.ini. Nothing there.
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Have you tried working with with Nvidia inspector. I think forcing this game in S3D was not intended to work properly...

That's what I read for other games that people are using S3D for:
The crosshair is handled by the hud, which is all one layer. What that means, unfortunately, is that it can't be removed for folks using 3D setups
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