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Regardless of whether this game gets another title or some other form of update, it seemed like the right time to see how much community activity could be drummed up. Most sites online that have a space for Advent Rising are wholly inactive or otherwise isolated, and I'm aware that this game's following is quite small even in relation to other games with a cult following. Still, there are at least a few thousand people out there who still think about this game and I intend to see what we can do to establish a centralized community. I've been moderately successful in doing this for Legend of Dragoon since last year, and I now wish to expand this experiment to Advent Rising.

For those who are not experienced with the program, Discord is a chat client that has text and voice chat in servers and 1-to-1 text, voice, and video calls. It came around a couple years ago as a new competitor to apps like Skype, Teamspeak, etc. It's a convenient platform for gaming communities when it comes to conversation-oriented interaction. In our case, the unofficial server for Advent Rising will feature general discussion, a chance for content creators to share live streams and other media, game news, voice chat, and a side-space for off-topic chatter.

I know it might sound futile to any non-optimists out there. Today games often survive and stay relevant by having frequent updates. Still, an interest in older games is valid and this title drew us in for a number of reasons. I also think that even if a new title in the AR universe is unlikely at present, the fact that the developers recently chose to communicate with us again is a good gesture.

Here is the link to the Discord server:

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