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I pick up that game because I was looking for a good story in a future-far-far-away. The first contact with the menu is nice. The game is supported by a good music, better than many than I heard except Morrowind. The gamepllay is a bit tricky at first hand and I needed a bit of time to get accustom to them. The camera is sometimes annoying but I manage to overlook that.
The system automatically saved your progression (and often) so you do not to have to care about it and therefore as you mind is distracted from that you are fully immersed in the game. The storyline is good for that game, it's true and keeps you on going to the "what's next ?"
The system with the weapons and powers (including hand to hand combat) is interesting with the different levels of expertise gained. Basically the more you use the them the better you get. You have a limitation concerning the level but when it starts to be ugly, the difference between the 1 and last one really helps! And when you get a level concerning a power during a fight, the least that can be say is that it is not pass unnoticed! I was learning how to use them as much as the character in game so no training! In a way it's logical. It might be confusing at first but quickly I started to get it.
There are many different big nice areas and places to discover sustained by a good soundtrack (I really liked it) and in-game cutscenes that are good and immersive. Hard to not feel compelled for that "hero" and humanity in that game while watching them! And the joy of piloting a ship (ok, just once but it worth it!) and a buggy (I feel almost like playing Halo when driving one).
Concerning the enemies, they are not weaklings so watch out at the beginning and when facing certain of them, you might restart 5 or 6 times before get out of there but the game is rewarding when you pass them. The point too is that they are coming in waves just one after another. At the beginning I was thinking "will they stop coming ?!?!" and realized "well, it's the way to lead an invasion after all!" So it keeps you going further or face endless battle. It's good for getting levels but it's frustrating when you did gained some and died at the end!
It's a face pace game. I didn't have a lot of time to sit and rest before my computer. The quiet, nice moment at the beginning is the calm before the storm. Sorry, before the fire storm. You want to make some brake and rest you mind before going back fresh!
In spite of the camera it's a good game! It's arcade-like control, fast pace and with a really decent story, good (one of the best) in-game music I've heard (if you pay attention to hit between two raging battle) and good graphics. You just need to pause it sometimes to relax you brain from the tension and there is a lot of it!
I am still going in game right now but I was truly surprise by the quality of that game. I am not an arcade style fan (Might and Magic 6 suits me well) but it worth a try for the price.
PS: You do not want to let children play with it as few cutscenes are brutals (I have the first scan of the alien in mind...).