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I'm not sure if the devs look at this forum at all but this seriously needs to get addressed. There are tons of people who bought the game and haven't been able to play it for pretty much the whole weekend now because the last patch broke EAC and now it is kicking people left and right for no reason. It would be unacceptable for any other developer to have their game be completely unplayable for so many people for this amount of time and this needs to be called out.
At this point I'm sure most people would be willing to fight the occasional cheater rather than not even be able to play the game at all, so it's rather dumbfounding that the devs haven't disabled EAC or made some sort of address about how they are going to deal with what has clearly become a common issue.
I've already sent the devs a complaint in their contact form. Still no response.

I would suggest doing the same, hopefully they would respond if enough messages reach them