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Ok, what the hell is going on? What is EAC, and why does it kick me every time I am trying to enter a game?

Is anyone else experiencing the same problem? Is there any known solution?
And... Now I can't play at all. Immediately kicked on login...

What the hell?
I have the same issue. I've got kicked too for no reason.
it seems to be cause by rhe new system for cheaters...
I am having the same problem here mine after getting to the bit in the tutorial where you learn to change stances. This is very annoying!
I have the same problem, and I search on internet but I dont have solutions... I'm only have Absolver open and Discord in the background... I dont understand what happening.. I really need help.
Same thing for me. I get kicked out of the server after a minuter. 100% reproducible
Well, at least it isn't just me! First my saves disappeared and then they return only to be kicked out every 5 minutes for the last 3 hours to now have all my saves gone ... sad times.
I've noticed if you restart the game once you get kicked back to main menu it will allow you to progress a little further before it kicks you. Still not a fix tho...
what is this and why is this happening?
I'm having the same issue...was playing fine last night.
Anyone know what is going on ? Yesterday i bought the game and today i got kicked out of the server.
Me and my friend just bought the game and after the tutorial we get kicked right after, or when we try to invite each others. Please fix this! We bought a new game that we can't even play :C
i bought the game today and i have the same problem: open the game, invite a friend to join the party and get kicked out of the game (EAC kciked: violation). Same problem when i go in another city etc.
Hey guys, I got the same problem, i bought it the 15th December but i get kicked after some minutes in the tutorial ...
If you play offline, it doesn't kick you