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I was flipping through the demos and spotted this one. I've been keeping an eye out for a good, characterful, story-rich SRPG for a bit now, and so I spun up the demo. Nice. The art's about as raw as I expect from indie titles, and I feel like the engine could be smoother, and I have other small complaints: for example, why is facing so important that I need to note where my character is facing at the end of movement, but it seems to make no difference in damage? And I find some of the controls unintuitive: choosing the facing for my attacks could have a little more feedback (in some cases, the attack vector lights up, but in other cases it doesn't seem to, and I didn't figure out in my first run that you can scroll around to look at other people).

But none of that's to say that I didn't like it. I lost the first run, or did poorly enough that I restarted it and gave it a second shot. I love the positioning of the attacks, especially the girl with the flail, as she lets me attack on an odd angle to avoid counter attacks from that turret. It felt genuinely strategic: clever play beat raw power, and clever play was something I could figure out. I'm actually really looking forward to the title, and I want to see what you guys will do with it.
I just played a round and wondered the same until I got a critical hit but saw nothing like a crit chance or something like that. Turns out if you attack someone from behind it will always be critical. I'm not sure about the exact angle yet but I guess positioning doesn't matter as long as the facing is correct.

The controls could be indeed a bit more intuitive and smoother.

However my only complain is the info texts on the handbooks. There were 2 parameters I didn't understand first but eventually understood that one is for the amount of skills the handbook gives and one for the amount of passives. You can open a menu for the skills but if the passive is not written in the handbook description you have no chance to find out what it is. At least I didn't find out how to come around that issue yet if there is a way.

Other than that I really liked the vast amount of ways to combine the different handbooks on different chars to create unique classes.

Sorry for my english. Hope it is understandable. Which brings me to another point. I changed the language in the options to german but the game was still in english. ^^